Tour themes

Our Man in Barcelona works closely with its clients to understand their individual needs and design tours that reflect their interests and the way they like to travel. Just as every person is different, so should tours be able to reflect the ways people and places interact. Take a browse through some popular themes for your experience in Barcelona, then get in touch and we can design a tour that works for you.  

Gaudí in all his glory

Barcelona is the privileged to have been the blank canvas for an architect like no other. Antoni Gaudí i Cornet grew to fame at the end of the 19th century and over the course of 40 years or so gifted the city with unique works that hold all that see them enthralled. From his private houses and apartment buildings, to parks and temples, there is something for everyone. You have to see it to believe it.

The medieval mystery of the Old Town 

The Gothic Quarter holds the secrets of the city’s origins and its rise to greatness during the middle-ages. Discover the remains of the Roman presence, the seat of power of the Catalan count-kings and the pioneering institutions that formed the basis of a Mediterranean empire. All set against a stunning backdrop of gothic architecture.

Catalan Modernism beyond Gaudí

A visionary urban planning project in the mid-19th century provided a perfect blank canvas for the Catalan Modernist movement. Understand the utopian aspirations of the Eixample district, its connections with Spain’s industrial revolution, and the opportunity provided to a generation of architects and artisans. The results are ingenious, whimsical and wonderful in equal measure.

Backstreet bars & bodegas

Get off the main tourist track and experience the watering holes that have served the city through thick and thin. Have a tipple and a bite to eat as you understand how traditional ‘bodega’ wine cellars and backstreet bars complement café culture - giving Barcelona both a cutting cosmopolitan edge and a down-to-earth appeal.

Real barrios

Step away from the city centre and visit the neighbourhoods where the city’s population go about their daily lives. Many of these ‘barrios’ started out as separate towns on the plain of Barcelona. Understand their local pride, diverse demographics and varied cultural offerings.

Mediterranean markets

The people of Barcelona, and the Mediterranean in general, are blessed with a privileged climate and the bounty of both land and sea. The more than 40 food markets in the city are a testament to this relationship and a treasure trove of tastes, smells and sounds that bombard the senses and immerse you in the essence of its culture.